Shortly About Me





Welcome friends to my photo gallery, especially those who have been supporting me all this while. I began this website in June 2012 and this

is a where I will share a wide variety of my photos.


I have shot a variety of photos, ranging from landscape, nature, sports, wedding and people in various situations. My friends and my wife

always say – “you take a lot of great photos but they seemed to be locked inside your computer, why not share them with everyone?” This

made me realize and I began to develop this photo gallery by myself for the sole purpose of sharing.


My love for photography began since primary school. I started with my father’s Yashica SLR and brought it to school for photo shoots with my schoolmates. I then, proceed to develop those photos as my schoolmates expressed their desire to purchase them. After finishing primary

school, I stop playing SLR for a few years and later began to learn DSLR.


In 2009, I bought a Nikon DSLR D90 and started to shoot everything. Since then, I fell deeply in love with photography all over again. My

colleague, a landscape and nature photographer was the first to bring me along to take pictures of landscapes. It was through him that my

interest in landscape photograph developed.


Why landscape photography? It’s simple. Photography, in general, is all about interpreting, pursuing and capturing light. It makes me relax,

appreciate what is around us, and try to capture beautiful places under phenomenal light.


Mother Nature, after all, has an imagination far greater than that of any human. Photography is just a way of expressing and appreciating it.


If you have any comments or feedback on my website or photos, do drop me a message. At least I would know I’m not talking to myself.  

I appreciate every single comment and feedback from all of you so that I can improve.


Have an awesome day ahead and thanks again for dropping by! Do not forget to check out my Facebook for recent shoots.





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